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About Sonya

Certified Master Saddle Fitting Consultant and Certified Saddlemaker.


It is my goal is to provide both rider and horse with the perfect saddle, enabling perfect balance and unity.

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Sonya's equestrian journey began at a very young age, competing with horses in dressage, jumping, and flat racing in England and Australia. My days were filled with hard work and gaining knowledge about our equine friends and studying for my British Horse Society Instructor Certificate. After settling in Holland with my family I have studied both E.S.S. and M.S.F.C. Saddle Fitting Studies. Next to running this saddle company, Sonya is dressage rider (Z level) and dressage instructor and runs  a small horse yard in North-Brabant.


It is good to see that over the years the view on horses is evolving. The awareness that good fitting saddles not only have an eeefct on comfort, but also influence the perfomance of your horse. I'm here to help bring things back into balance and make you and your horse happy athletes.


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