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Saddle fitting consults

A good fitting saddle is an important requirement for an optimal performance of your horse. An ill-fitting saddle can cause pressure points and an unbalanced seat. This can lead to limitations in movement, discomfort, and even pain. Make the right start to a perfect fit and book a consult.

 A Saddle fitting consult follows the steps:

Step 1 | Intake

We'll first discuss the needs of you and your horse, going through known issues of your horse that you've noticed such as pains and limitations in exercises, health history and your training goals.

Step 2 | Conformation assessment

A thorough assessment of your horse's build is made to locate any special requirement that contribute to the saddle fit.

Step 3 | Assessment of horses back

Your horse's back is examined to check for pressure points, scars, coat deviations and muscle waste or tensions.

Step 4 | Assessment of saddle

Your current saddle will be checked for defaults. This includes a tree check to see if it is broken or twisted. This can cause asymmetry. Also, panel filling and a full safety check will be carried out.

Step 5 | Assessment during riding

After this you may be asked to ride to get a good view of the rider and saddle's position.

Step 6 | Completion

On completing this consult, you will have a complete assessment and can discuss the possible options for a perfect fitting saddle.


 When the current saddle can not be adjusted to reach a perfect fit, a new saddle can be offered. The size and build of your horse are then measured and a template is made to define the needed saddle measurements. These measurements are used to select possible new saddles and only of value to our saddle fitter.

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